merry christmas


Tonight I want to thank you for visiting my site since I put it online earlier this year. In the beginning I had no idea, where I'd lead my site to, had neither an idea what would happen to it during the year nor how it would end.

To all of you, who were my friends, critics, visitors and soulmates throughout the year - thank you for spending your time with me. Tonight's update is a present to you ... and I want to enclose a little story with this.

Some time ago I read a story - no fairytale, but a true one about Moon Trees. Let me tell it to you ...
In the late afternoon of January 31 in the year 1971, Apollo 14 launched from the earth for its mission to the third expedition to the lunar surface. With them the astronauts carried a small package of seeds, which were planted all over the earth after their return. From that time they were known as the "Moon Trees". They florished and are a monument to our first visits to the moon.This story fascinated me and I wanted to turn it into something special and I came up with these ... well, images. Do you want a Moon Tree? Take these as a gift.

The Moon Tree icons and the additional wallpaper are far away from perfection. I had a lot of work with them, and if I should manage to put my hands upon a Wacom next year, I will probably try and edit them. Once again I admit, they look best in 128x128. If you use another OS or resolution they definitely loose vibes.

Have a merry christmas and take care. I'm looking forward to see you all again. Good night.

" I like to spend my time thinking. Remembering the past is such a wonderful thing. In remembering you can often see the things you missed at the time. It's as if the mind can contain everything you have ever seen, smelt, tasted or even thought, and in the business of our lives so much of what we are is forgotten."
- Shadowmancer -

"Drugs" for this update:
Blank & Jones - Relax, an ocean of candles

touch the sky


Why has the time before christmas to be packed with so many activities? Rushing from work to english class, from party to art exhibition and christmas market. With my trustfull friend fuji always by my side I let you participate in the past days. Although I'm tired, I finally found some quiet hours to work on my website tonight, some silent psy and other music in the background, eating homemade lussekatter. So where to start ...

Don't you agree, that mac-users are different? I stumbled across some images of the opening of the first Apple store in Europe. You have to see the pictures of the people camping outside in their sleeping bags in the cold november night. Being a mac-user seems to be based on a certain ... hmmm ... uniqueness? Have a look at the opening of the store and what they have to offer - like the genius bar.

Enjoy the new pictures I took in the past days and added to the seasonal section. I also made a mini-movie but haven't edited it yet.

I want to leave you behind to the night with a nice quote from the book - Shadowmancer - which I finished reading last night:

" ... In his mind he looked back to a different season. When he felt the warmth on his face, when the cold wind didn't beat at his back and bite at his fingers. He remembered swimming with Kate till late into the night, watching dragonflies hop and skip over the smooth water, landing on the lilies and hanging in the air like creatures from another world. "

"Drugs" for this update:
Distance to Goa 5, lussekatter

living light


The days keep getting shorter for three more weeks and we'll be able to enjoy more of the spectacular part of the day - the night.
There is this odd feeling when turning off the light. Complete and total darkness for a few moments until the pupils have widened ... and suddenly you see it ... a vague dim of moonlight shining through the curtain and the contour of the room that surrounds you.
Welcome to the night - welcome to the hours of indefinite fantasy, welcome to hours that are worth too much to be spent asleep.
Our consciousness is like our pupils. It widens, breaks chains and permits different thoughts. At night we feel things that are hidden during the day. Silence. The pounding of our heart. The darkness that mends our soul ...
Only at night we are capable of bringing thoughts to paper that would remain deep inside at daylight. At night we share our deepest secrets ...
We grow strong and nothing is impossible. If you live at night you know about the secrets and the magic ...

The absense of light these days makes me light more candles than usual. Busy days are behind me and busy times will follow until X-mas will be here - and hopefully some peace and snow. So far there were only few flakes some days ago and the temperatures didn't allow them to stay. X-mas is only half as nice without snow, but I worked on some decoration yesterday and today at my place to give it a little shine out into the darkness.

Though there is so much to do, I still find some time to read and I finally made it through the Silmarillion. An unbelievable book. I finished it with the feeling, that something was lacking and I don't know what it is. I definitely want to buy the english version now, because I think the german translation is partly responsible for my indefinite feeling. But there are so many versions of this book available and I don't have the slightest idea, which one is the best to buy. I definitely want one with a nice map, family trees and appendix ... *sighs* ... gotta see, what amazon has to offer ...

Currently I've almost finished one third of "Shadowmancer", a book I bough a year ago in London. But so far I'm a bit disappointed. It promised more, than it can keep right now. The christmas days will probably give me the time to start the "Wheel of time" series I'm looking forward to so much. I hope it'll give me plenty of reading pleasure.

In the meantime ... enjoy the wee update and seize the night.

"Drugs" for this update:
Reamonn - Angels fly, Glögg



This friday morning the grass crunched softly under my feet - the night had faced below zero degrees long enough to give my world a subtle white hue. With the morning mist it was a spectacular start into the day ...

But not only the days, also the nights are cold. Wednesday evening I went to the St. Martin's celebration in the center of my hometown. The legend and story of this very old tradition cannot be told in a few sentences, so if you're interested in reading about it, you can find very good information in german here, or some information in english here. Anyway ... it was really, really cold on wednesday, but that doesn't affect me anymore, like it used to do.

I captured the lanterns and lights that night from the children following the man on the horse who was dressed as St. Martin. One of the security guys allowed me to get closer to the scenery to take my pictures together with some people I knew from the local TV and newspaper :)

A nice story ... when I took pictures of the horse, "St. Martin" asked the children who wanted to pet his horse, to be careful with their lanterns and not to burn the horse's nose. But in my opinion, the horse itself was very eager to bite into the tasteful lanterns which are mostly made of beet, though this year I saw plenty of colorful paper-lanterns as well.

At home I discovered - once again - that it takes more than a camera to come up with good pictures. My Photoshop and photography-guide showed me many interesting links and pictures, and I spent a lot of time reading and exploring. Beyond understanding the world of my digicam and all the possibilities, I started to experiment with a nice set of filters called "Mystical Lightning" (more information can be found here.) I am usually not the biggest fan of adding filter effects to pictures, but if carefully used, they can accent your work.

Enjoy the new stuff and have a successful week!!

"Drugs" for this update:
Patrick Nuo - Girl in the moon, Yogurette Blueberry chocolate



A Happy Halloween to all of you from me and my pumpkin. Have a wonderful spooky day and night!

still autumn


The weather was mostly very nice in the past days and I could go to work on my bike in the morning. Last week I was lucky enough to capture autumn colors on my way home. It was beautiful in the morning already, and I took a detour across a schoolyard to look at some glowing trees, but it was too dark to take a picture of them in the morning.

The day presented the most wonderful blue sky in the afternoon in combination with the golden leaves. I hope you like them as much as I did ...

PC vs. Mac ... As a Mac-user I have to deal with incompatibilities very often. OSX handles most Windows-TTF-fonts since it's out on the market, but the icons are a still unsolved problem. I love to decorate my folders with shining icons and the 128x128 format is a brilliant invention. Windows users have some nicer options with XP but with Windows 2000 the icons can look very poor.

I am currently working on some iconsets, which are on mind more than a year already, and I am think they will look best on MacOs. But to get used to converting them to the Windows platform I thought I could provide you with some single-icons until the bigger sets are ready. My first try is a candy apple from the fairground. Take a bite :)

In case you have problems changing your icons you should visit the FAQ-section at the iconfactory. Enjoy the apple and look out for some special iconsets to come in the (hopefully) near future. Time goes by so fast and creating the icons is very time consuming.

"Drugs" for this update:
Deep and chilled Euphoria - Autumn leaves, my red candy apple ...

light in the night


Friday I went out for my first night photoshooting. The annual "Kirmes" always brings back childhood memories to me. The sweet smell of popcorn and all other kind of candy is in the air, mixed with the more spicy scents of countless food stands, offering a huge variety of takeaway dishes. Lights from merry-go-rounds, loud voices and music all around ...

This time my aim was different from a normal Kirmes-visit. I wanted to capture the night. Unfortunately it started to rain shortly after I arrived, and carrying a camera and tripod around while slowly becoming more and more wet, was not nice at all.

I surrendered before I was able to take all pictures I had in my mind and was not really satisfied with the result, but the weather didn't really help to make the pics better. I had to do some more evening photoshopping than I usually do with my photos - so here's the result. I hope, you like them a bit anyway.

"Drugs" for this update:
Enigma - The child in us, crispy mint chocolate



The spirit in the air these days is hard to describe. The cool morningscents are filled with a mixture of moist soil and late summerflowers. The blue of the sky is different and the clouds move fast across this special, high autumn sky. The light touches the ground in a different angle, the wind blows sharper and deep, warm colours fill the senses. Is it this time of the year, we experience most intensive?

I wish, I could take a walk in the forest every day, but I don't give myself the time to do so - therefore I do it in my mind (I made an exception yesterday :).

Autumn ...
... time to prepare for winter, autumnflowers in a vase, surrendering to pillows with a book. Reading is wonderful and a TV-Show last friday gave a lot of inspiration. 250.000 germans were asked, which book they loved most - resulting in a top 50 list which can be found here ( I don't know, how long this link will work - you might have to juggle your way through the site to find it, in case it doesn't work anymore- I am not really sure, how to judge the result, but it might give you a nice overview on german reading habits. I read 8 books from the list ... and I am both amazed and bewildered about the number one.

"Drugs" for this update:
Psycraft - New Moves, scented candles



Since I own my digicam, I take a lot more pictures than I took when I had only my reflex-cam. It is easy to handle, pic to Mac, and I carry it around with me all the time, every day, to be able to capture any moment worth to be captured in my eyes. I know I am no professional photographer so the main interest in my pictures is mostly the feeling inside, when I press the shutter. I try to find a nice perspective or composition, but to be a true photographer, I lack a lot of knowledge.

Why do I write all this? These days the design- and computermagazines I read, are filled with reports on digicams and the upcoming "Photokina" in Köln. That made me think about my qualities as a photographer. Another aspect is that I am happy if I manage to inspire people to busy themselves with photography and design ... therefore I call myself very happy now ...

So far I paid most of my attention to colors, composition and the motive in general, but now I think about putting more time into digital enhancement with Photoshop for the pictures I take and I think of buying a book, that helps photographers to get more knowledge in digital editing of photography. I added a link, that provides some help, if you're interested in tutorials on design, design-software, typography and stuff like that.

But back to some other topics. Since one week I am at school again, taking english classes in my old gymnasium. It was special to return to the school I spent so much time in as a child and teenager. The english class (wed. from 19.30 to 21.00) needs some concentration after a day of work, but nevertheless I hope, the level of the class will increase a lot more from week to week. It is simply good to keep your brain focused on fresh stuff. Call it memento or whatever you like, but I felt like taking some pictures of my old school. No photographical art intended ... simply memories.

Some more pictures I'd like to share ... I think these days I experience the last late summer afternoons I can spend outside, feeling some remaining sun on my skin. When I return from work I usually find two dragonflies in the garden. They either chillout on the small fence to the vegetable section or enjoy the sun on the grey bricks of the terrace. I call them "Red" and "Brown" according to the colours of their bodies. Two pics of them can be found here.

Change of topic again. I do love books, and I have a pile of unread ones to work on ... but someone could have warned me of the "Silmarillion" *sighs* I never thought this book would be like that. Halfway through it, I still find it difficult to handle all the characters and landscapes Mr. Tolkien invented. I also face many problems with the "style" it is written in. I never anticipated these biblical allusions. Some of the battles of the dark-elves and grey-elves are truely heartbreaking, but to be honest I expected it to be more "ringish". I learn these days, that I need to dive deeper into professor Tolkien's world and mind. Any help is welcome :/. I think, I have to read it over again, after finishing it for the first time. Flipping from chapters to the family tree and back to the map of Beleriand takes a lot of time and I am thankful for any mentioned name I remember from LotR.
... anyway ... enjoy the updates :)

"Drugs" for this update:
"Playing by heart", which I recorded from TV last night

between two seasons


Late summer or early autumn ... When going to work this morning a smell of autumn was in the air. The air was chilly and clean, and the afternoon showed pure beauty and a warm sun. The nature changes slow, very slow, but noticeable in many small details. The fading summer reminded me of the time, when I had to return to school after my summer holiday, and that I usually wanted the summer to last for ever.
Perhaps that's the reason for the pictures I add tonight - the summersun I felt two weeks ago. Enjoy the beach of Noordwijk/Netherlands.

I won a nice package of software last week from the monthly mac-magazine I read (MacLife - thank you guys!), Painter 8 from Corel. I think of using it for my upcoming icons, but first I have to learn, how to handle this program. Also drawing with my mouse might break my wrist.
After the holiday my "normal life" has me in it's embrace again, but I do draw and sketch a lot more these days. I think, you'll see some of it here soon. Enjoy September - not yet autumn, not summer anymore. A month in between.
Watching the waves

"Drugs" for this update:
Haiducci, Dragostea Din Tei ... one of the oddest summerhits I've ever listened to ;) but catchy somehow

summer visitor


I really love these insects, but though I saw many already, I never managed to take a picture of one before, until this monday morning, when it visited me and sat calmly to let me approach with my camera. I hope you like the images, and the wallpaper I made of it.
A calm visitor.

"Drugs" for this update:
Roxy Music, More than this

flaming july


The longest day has passed, but the summer will stay for a while. This is the time of the year, when one should spend most of the time outside and not in the house. If you have the chance, enjoy the time outside, breathe fresh summer air, filled with sweet sensual scents. A night in the garden or forest can do magic ...
Do you know about the many ways a burning log can smell? From resin to the sweet memory of a winter evening spent in front of a fireplace - anything is possible.
Take part in a night filled with fire ...

"Drugs" for this update:
Blank & Jones/Flaming June, summernights



Midsummer is celebrated in many countries and involves all kind of different festivities.
I want to share some sunshine with you, which can be found in the fotography area. Accompany me on my latest visit to Norway some weeks ago, where the light didn't fade at midnight.

I also updated the seasonal-section so drop by and have a look.

"Drugs" for this update:

somewhere only we know


This could be the end of everything
so why don't we go
somewhere only we know ...

I felt like trying something different. Following the lyrics of a song, this is the outcome
... can you see behind the facade?

I updated the seasonal-section and the wallpapers. X-tra for you!

"Drugs" for this update:
Music from Spirallianz, Keane and Alanis Morrisette



First of all, I want to use this premiere-update to say "Thank you!" for all your comments on my site. Many of you showed me, that I am on a good path to ... well, wherever I will go to probably.
To all those, who didn't comment so far, but surfed my site in silence - I'd love to hear from you. But I know, how lazy I am with commenting on other peoples' work ;)

I'll try to install a newsletter-function on my site. Is this of interest for you? Please drop me a note, before I spend hours on this and noone uses it in the end.

You'll find several news on "X-" such as some fresh pictures in the seasonal-section and my first wallpapers. Have an x-tremely good time! I'll see you!

"Drugs" for this update:
Music from Antiloop, Paul van Dyk and User

lift up

I sleepwalk through my days, and daydream in the night.

Since this is a really nice description of my current life, finally the unusual amount of time I spend online or "just" with my Macintosh, led to the creation of this website.

Please comment on bugs as soon as you notice them (dragonflies excluded, for there are many ;)

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