The air is not really smelling like snow yet, but finally the temperatures have reached degrees around zero these days and a white frosty blanket covers everything outside in the morning when the night fades. My visit to Münster two weeks ago was a truely nice one. I bought Christmas decoration and two books on webdesign and programming along with "Eragon". I am a little disappointed by the latter one. The story is predictable and the German translation is very weak. I don't know, if the language of the English book is similar, but I don't think I'll find it out. The programming books however, are slowly taking me forward. Yesterday I released a client's website with my first php-script and I think I can learn to use it for my advantage. I see other sites that make enormous progress and I really need to get involved in those techniques as well =)

But the main reason for this update is the upcoming Christmas weekend. I've been making these little moose here for several years now. They're bent from silver wire and receive a finishing touch of a pine needle. I sell them for a good cause - and this year I made one especially for you, and it will not be sold.

From all of me to all of you I wish you merry days with family and friends. May you have some relaxed time with good food, nice gifts and heartwarming talks. I don't know, how busy you are these days. I have been pretty busy, but now I'll close aczentum for some days. I'll visit friends and family through the upcoming days and look forward to Wednesday. I'll leave in the early morning for the North Sea, the ferry will leave the harbour around noon and I'll return on January 1st. hoping to see you then again. Merry Christmas to you! May you have a wonderful time =)

"Drugs" for this update:
Enigma - Beyond the Invisible



Can you believe the year is over in just a few weeks? I almost can't. I feel as if I'm travelling with a time machine and nothing's stopping me. Tonight, when I finally sat down to update my site again, I looked through the folders with pictures I've taken during the past weeks. They're like witnesses of a multitude of moments, when I paused for a few seconds and actually noticed the time going by. What looks like a more or less chronological sequence of pictures in "my december" is a collection of various moments like watching the morning haze on my way to a client, or hearing the sound of geese outside my window heading to a warmer destination.

One week ago I went to an entrepreneur's breakfast - a so called "business break" at a local hotel, where I had the chance to meet people from other companies. I felt a bit odd after that meeting; talking was different and a new world opened up for me. Later I went into town to clear my head a bit and took the picture with the still green willow by the river. It's interesting to look at those pictures now because their origins are so various. All they have in common is me standing still for a moment.

The other pictures I upload tonight were taken early November on an event in town. Light installations gave a new face to a great number of buildings in the city center. A group of Red Indians played folklore on the market place. It was interesting to listen to them, but somehow totally inappropriate for the event. I didn't really know what that evening was about in the first place so I grabbed my cam and tripod and drove into town. It was nice to see I wasn't the only one with that equipment and soon I stood in line with other people waiting for a good light-effect on the façade of the old townhall. The funny thing was, that I was running around the shopping streets along with about half a dozen guys that night - equipped exactly like me with tripod and (a better) cam. And we constantly greeted each other without knowing the other one at all. That evening we all were a small unit of odd photoholics =) However I am very happy with the outcome of some of the pictures and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The latest news on aczentum are ... that I still haven't finished my website - as you've probably noticed - but so far I've completed (besides various classic print designs) three new websites for clients, four others are a work in progress. I told a friend some time ago, that work "never felt as good, as it does now". Working on my own, following my own ideas, trusting my gut feeling - this is good for me. I really wish to continue working like this and I hope my clients feel the same way. I'll work on christmas cards for my clients this weekend and I'll drive to Münster tomorrow to spend the whole day in the city. Before I started studying and living there, my mum introduced me to the town - mostly during christmas time. We walked through the town and I totally fell in love with it. I walked across the Prinzipalmarkt filled with all the lights in December, watched the students and wished to live there as well one day. But when I finally started studying there I cursed the tourists who crammed the busses while I tried to get home with my huge black portfolio filled with sketches. How a point of view can change ...

Tomorrow I take a stroll on the four christmas fairs in the city and enjoy its bookstores. I hope tonight's wind will calm down - a small winter chill is more than welcome. May the white peaceful flakes return to you and stay longer than one night =)

"Drugs" for this update:
Josh Groban & Deep Forest - Never let go

happy halloween


Happy Halloween to you =) You'll find more pictures in the seasonal section.

different point of view


The end of daylight saving time today gave me an extra hour I want to use for updating my site with news and some of the pictures I took recently. As you might assume I am still very busy with my clients' work these days. Once you work all on your own you discover many aspects you wish to share with someone or simply give away. Accountancy is one of them but what's taking most of my time right now is writing texts. I am slowly developing my skills here, but I've learned that it takes time - a lot of time in fact. That's also one reason why I am still behind with my aczentum-site. The process of programming is running and I've taken a lot of pictures to illustrate my work and the site in general, so it's mostly the texts that are missing. But I also want to add an FTP-Upload and password-protected client-sections - more reasons for the delay *sigh*. Actually I am very annoyed that the site isn't up and running yet because I really want my clients and you to get a deeper insight into me and my work.

And there is another thing that kept me extremely busy recently: the ongoing problems of operating systems and their webbrowsers along with their individual interpretation of sourcecode. The fact that I have only limited access to Windows PCs resulted in an extreme delay of a project a couple of days ago until the sourcecode led to a satisfying output in the main browsers on both OSs. I like doing "just" the design, while somebody else has to do the programming, but I also love writing the sourcecode all by myself. I still haven't taken the time to get a deeper insight into PHP, but nowadays I've become very fond of all the possibilities CSS has to offer.

I admit, I haven't done a lot besides working recently. I haven't been to a good party as well, but I've made my rounds on the Kirmes two weeks ago where I took pictures. The evening was almost warm when I entered the "Wonder Wheel". With the strap of my cam wound around my wrist I changed my perspective. I wasn't my first time in a Ferris wheel but I probably never entered it with the mood I was in that night. At the very top all sounds diminished and all I heard was the wind. For moments I just glanced around and enjoyed the idea of how small and different things were when being watched from another point of view. My thoughts actually went a lot deeper and varied than these words can tell and carried on for several days but I'd rather not discuss this now.

Before I leave you tonight I'd like two add two small events I am looking forward to. One will be my first holiday since two years. Between Christmas and New Year I'll be on the island of Spiekeroog which belongs to East-Frisia. The island's website offers some webcams (Impressionen> Webcam) where you can catch a glimpse of how it looks like there and maybe you'll even see me running around there by the end of the year =) I've been there several times before and it's a great place to relax. There's not much going on in late December. The weather is cold, stormy and often also rainy, but I love it. Most of the time I am outside no matter in which weather and walk, walk, walk along the beach and sea or across the dunes. The wind clears my head and I usually become totally relaxed and calm. It's a wonderful place for thinking and decision making because there are only few people and no cars to distract you. You can simply embrace the loneliness.

When I went there the last time I had no camera with me ( I had no digital cam at that time) and then I was surprised one night by the snow. The island was so beautiful that I bought a disposable cam but the pictures were not that good. This time my cam will be at my side - with or without snow - many pictures will be presented to you - I promise.

Another thing I am looking forward to is a large bookchain opening a store in my hometown in February next year. Finally there'll be a wider range of books to choose from and they even spoke of a cafe/book-combination. The chain is the "Mayersche Buchhandlung". You might remember me mentioning them from visits to Essen or Köln. In those bigger cities they often combine the bookstore with a Starbucks, but I don't think they'll open one here ... we'll see. Until then I drink my hot cocoa with marshmellows from one of their mugs and pretend I'm there =)

For now I say goodnight to you. Take a look at my recent pictures and enjoy the golden autumn - it might turn white soon =)

"Drugs" for this update:
Enigma - Northern Lights (from their new CD: A Posteriori; they've made better ones in my opinion); red wine

beautiful and wild ideas


Has it ever occured to you that you read or hear something and your mind goes blank from one second to the other? Once this moment is over your thoughts start spinning and your brain is on a rollercoaster. I had such a moment - yesterday. It is hard to describe and it made me feel I had to take a break from what I was doing, just for a day, but I can't. I have meetings and two deadlines harassing me next week that make it impossible to put my things down and catch a breath =( But I am sure that time will come. I don't know yet, when it'll be or under what circumstances, but it will =)

Since this entry comes a little bit out of the blue, I want to take the time and update you on the latest things going on in my life. First of all - I finally bought my couch. As a student I loved that my room had a bed, where I could sit or lay down to relax for a while or take my books and writing-pad to study. When I moved away from home I never had my stuff to work with or my computer in the same room with a bed or a couch, but that has changed now. It is a retreat. It is soft and comfy but at the same time it comforts my back perfectly when I curl up there with my books and writing-stuff.

I added some pictures and want you to take them as a virtual invitation to take a rest there with me. While I took the pictures I once again noticed the limits of my camera. I still love my little fuji, but nowadays I keep on thinking about a new one. The prices go down while new models show up and the quality increases. I think it was good to take my first digital steps into fotography with this camera after I was so much into analogue fotography. Now I think I am ready for the next step and "return" from the advantages and disadvantages of full digital automatism to a more specific manual influence if it comes to depth of field and shutter speed.

I also want to use the higher performance of my Mac to work on higher resolution pictures. With my little business I'll also profit from taxes and with all the stuff I read about cameras, I'm sure I'll choose a good model. You can see the limits of my cam when it comes to take pictures in darkness. Natural light and especially late afternoon brings wonderful results, but these days the light starts to vanish earlier. My wish is to take better nightshots along with finally some good pictures of my nightly friend - the moon.

When I went upstairs to the attic this morning, I faced a wonderful sunrise. With my head full of thoughts I took some pictures. The day began with the promise to become a beautiful day. The rising sun made me feel positive. Positive that there will always be some time to do what I really want to do - one day. If you wish you can download the pure and unedited pictures from this morning. I hope you enjoy them.

My digress from work comes to an end now. I have to return to some jobs and I wish you all the best for now. Face the sun once in a while - even if you love the darkness. Have a relaxed evening =)

"Drugs" for this update:
flugbegleiter - reiseführer; orangejuice

where's the time gone?


Five weeks ago I wrote about the heatwave - now the summer is how I like it to be when I have to work: mostly overcast and rainy. I like watching the weather through the huge windows on the attic because it's a bit like sitting outside. The sky and air appear to be green, reflecting their light from the surrounding gardens. And work is mostly how I define my life these days if I had to describe it. I spend most of the time up here and now finally I took a pic of "the other side" when the light was good.

I had planned to go to the city-beach two weeks ago that had a techno and electronic music night, but I was too tired and it was rainy as well. But I went to the Kirmes in the nearby city Rhede last night, where I met many old friends I haven't seen in a very long time. I had a really good time talking to all of them and I hope it won't be too long until I meet them again.

The upcoming week is filled with many joby and two important meetings I have to attend, but this sunday I reserved time for you. I don't want you to think I had forgotten you - the opposite is the truth! But I have a heavy workload and if I can finish a job and issue an invoice, it has to go first.

When I started working on my new site it took me a while to figure out the new layout. I started designing the "look and feel" and came to the decision, that I wanted it to be different from what you can see on the site right now. I tried to use simple and easy elements and at the same time I wanted it to have a very individual and clear look. I have to ensure that it is easy to update and on the other hand gives me plenty of room to implement my CD. The main color right now is a medium grey but I contrived an additional color-scheme that gives me the oppotunity to add more variety to the different sections. Once again I am more than pleased with owning a digital camera. Some years ago I was stuck to classic fotography - since I own my Fuji, I haven't used my old camera at all. I have taken many pictures to illustrate my new site and I don't know what I had done without it.

The moment I had finally started programming the main page and wrote the first text, I talked to a programmer from a new client, for whom I created a new web-layout. We talked about the best way to transfer their layout into HTML and their content management system and ended up discussing the usage of tables vs. CSS. After that discussion I changed most of my sourcecode to div-tags. The reason I didn't do that from the beginning is that I do both classic Print- and Webdesign. I don't usually write sourcecode every day and I wasn't sure if I could handle CSS to achieve the result I aimed for. But in the end it turned out to be easier than I expected.

Hence the status quo of my new site is the programmed homepage and navigation. I still want it to be online this summer, which gives me about four more weeks from today until the 21st of September, but the clients' jobs have to be completed first and I don't know, if I'll have it online until then.

My G5 by the way is a really brilliant machine. It's not as loud as I expected it to be and it even survived the hot summer days. Usually 10 to 15 programs are open at the same time without any problem and I still can't believe the speed I can work with nowadays. What I still haven't used substantially is the DVD-drive. I finally want to watch the movies I own, but of course it is too destracting while working. Sticking to webradio is definitely the best solution. Nevertheless I've acquired some promising new movies reminding me of the Animatrix when I took a first short glimpse. I hope I'll find the time to watch them soon =)

While August is slowly coming to an end I hope you'll enjoy the remaining days of it. If you are going through design-processes like I do these days I wish you luck with everything you do - a busy autumn is expecting us =) Until the next time!

"Drugs" for this update:
PsyRADIO; Lemon Icetea



Applied physics - that's what I experience for several weeks now. Warm air raises! These words also tell you, that I've finally moved upstairs and write this entry from my new spot - the attic. This place is far away from being completely finished, but it is complete enough for me to stay here. If you wish to take a closer look, make sure to visit the seasonal section, where you'll find a couple of impressions of my new abode.

I returned with a multitude of packages from last saturday's trip to Ikea that I assembled to a variety of shelves while watching the Loveparade on TV. After reading about a big festival that was cancellend, I was happy that "the love is back" and after a two-year pause 1.200.000 people had a great time in Berlin. Putting the furniture together was only half strenuous with all the images and the music in the background =)

I've decided to give my place a very light and transparent atmosphere. All the furniture is covered with birch veneer and matches the pale, greyish oak floor. The curtains are white and partly transparent with a pattern that looks like sketched lines drawn with a pencil. A white couch still has to be bought, but I also want to acquire an additional deepblue slipcover at Bemz to change it's look ... at the moment a bunch of huge pillows on the floor fill the corner of the room for some comfy moments in between ...

There's even a small lime tree up here in the middle of the room. The great thing about it is the sounds coming from it when the wind - coming through the windows - moves softly through it's leaves. Another detail I like a lot is a lamp I found. The moment I saw it, I had a feeling, that it was made for this room and me. It's called " Midsummer light" and was designed by Tord Boontje. Some days ago, when I sat up here at night in almost complete darkness with open windows, the air moved through both the tree and the fragile lamp giving whispering tones. It was an almost magic moment.

I think, this is enough news about the attic, but currently this is the area my life takes place in these days - thus the wordy trip. The one and only thing that really doesn't work up here is the temperature. The high roof has an incredible acoustic and I really have to get a grip on myself to not turn up the volume of my speakers too much. The negative aspect is, that this room is very close to a perfect sauna these days. Since a couple of weeks the temperatures are in the upper twenties and since one week - and the week to come - they're in the thirties. No end in sight *sighs*. It's humid and hot and I am melting. Hence the seahorse in the upper illustration. I wish I were somewhere closer to the sea. Working here is not really fun these days, but I know I have to get through this. My new site it taking shape and I hope I'll have it up and running soon. Unfortunately I have problems finding the right words to convey what I am planning to do with my small business, but time will come and the words will fall in place. I am positive about that!

For tonight that's all I have to say to you. Make sure to take a look at the new pictures to get an impression of how it is like here. I hope you're doing fine and enjoy the summer. It'll probably be an autumn with a lot of work ahead, so make sure to soak up enough energy from these warm days =) Goodbye for now and have a good night.

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Cybered - Invasion, Electroscopic; blueberries

endless nights of summer


On the one hand I really should try and get away from my computer for a little while but on the other hand this weekend simply deserves a few lines. I am busy as usual, but the progress is slower than I expected. Anyway, I might move upstair next weekend - we'll see if this really is going to happen ;) And due to a busy week I still have made no progress on the design of my new site, but I plan doodling later this afternoon.

So I just want to tell you, that I am ok, and that I had some friends over for a nice midsummer dinner with special food. It is simply wonderful to look into the nightly sky these days and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I send some thoughts into the warm twilight - it is a unique time of the year - short but intense =)

"Drugs" for this update:
Here comes the sun - Beatles



I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long for this update, but tonight I'll finally fill you in with all that happened over the past weeks. While the first two weeks at home were more or less unstructured I finally seem to have found a rhythm for working. One of my main problems ist still the room I have - or don't have - if you wish to see it like that. The attic is still a work in progress and my room becomes more and more crammed.

All the books I used at the former office pile themselves up neatly to files and boxes with CD's. Almost all free space is taken and I can't wait to move upstairs. The walls are finally done in my future office (though I have to do some additional painting) but the floor still has to be laid. One more reason for less space: my new computer arrived on friday along with a new laser printer (an Epson color printer will follow). Currently I am sitting at my desk with two monitors, two keybords and two mouses on my mousepad to migrate all the stuff from my good old G3 to the new Mac. So yes - I have a new computer. I mentioned my desired Mac a couple of updates ago and here it is now, a shiny and all new G5.

It is not the Quad, but the Dual 2.3GHz with additional 2GB to the standard memory of 512MB. After talking to a guy from Apple earlier this year, I was convinced I wouldn't need the power of the Quad, which can probably only be exhaused with the usage of 3D- or Videosoftware. Since I don't plan doing that, this G5 will suffice for me. If you're a bit more interested in the technical specifications, you can find some information here.

I've been using my G3 for ages now and I didn't really mind its speed, but it is definitely not suitable for daily designbusiness. I spent a lot of time waiting for it to write files or opening and closing programs due to lack of memory or insufficient processor power. And even the G4 in the old office started killing my nerves. But now ... after the few days I spent with this machine, installing software and giving my personal desired "look and feel" I am more than satisfied with my choice. This baby really runs. It also has a DVD-Writer and I can finally start acquiring movies I always planned to watch. I even plan on continuing with my favourite game MYST that I never finished on the old computer (MYST V is lurking as well). But that's probably better for the later days of this year, when darkness returns and the nights become longer =)

A final chapter of the speed topic is the faster internet connection I use nowadays, giving me 6 Mbps =) Sometimes I just can't believe the improvement my computer components faced since last week. It simply feels good to work with all this, even on a sunday evening. As soon as I've finished tonight's update I'll return to some more work in preparation for the next week. So far I think I will really enjoy working self employed and if all goes well, I'll face the official start in July.

When I celebrated my birthday last week it ment so much to me, that everyone wished me luck and sent thoughts - thank you for doing so =) it made me feel very warm and comfortable inside.

Maybe you like to hop over to the seasonal section now, where you can find some images I took recently to illustrate the progress on the attic and ... something you can't ignore these days in Germany even if you don't like soccer - enjoy ;) That's all for now *leans back* the moon will show up soon ... so good night =)

"Drugs" for this update:
Mind of the wonderful - Blank & Jones

day and night


My life is very hectic and fast right now, but I think, I'm not the only one who experiences this these days. I've received a lot of support and warm words during the past weeks from close and also very far away friends. Your thoughts mean more to me than I can express here - be sure of that ...

In two weeks I'll have my last workday at the agency - from then on a lot in my life will change. I'll give a new rhythm to my life and work, I'll take new decisions, I'll be more responsible for myself and I'll have more freedom and independence in many ways. Right now I'm positive that I love this new life but there is still a lot of work to do until I can really start into this new adventure. The attic is making slow progress. With the walls almost done I wait for the floor to be delivered in two and a half weeks from now. Though I've never done this before, I'll lay it myself, but you grow with your tasks, don't you? It'll be pale, massive wooden boards of oak. A floor I've been looking forward to all my life - now I am going to have it. Then there's also some wallpaint needed ... new painted dragonflies will fly up to the attic and a lot of Ikea-shopping has to be done. I think, I'll have some pictures for you in my next update =)

The other aspect of this project is a massive pile of bureaucracy I have to dig my way through. Making motions and hoping for the approval of applications is a new task for me. I have to get together with a leasing company because my technical equipment needs a massive upgrade. However I'll take the first steps with my beloved old G3 and work on the logo, stationary and the website for "aczentum" that should soon offer more than you can find there now (all is supposed to be ready on july 1st.).

After all I need some stressless time too, which I took on severall occasions so I squeezed in some hours for friends and parties. The night before easter I went to a bonfire which can be compared to the Walpurgis night. On that night a lot of fires are lit everywhere in Germany - more or less professional though if it comes to the piling of wood - and people gather around to have some drinks and eat eggs. Sometimes you also grill sausages or bread-dough on a stick in the fire. When I walked over to the fire, I passed the small river I live next to and I could see another fire down the river that gave a really nice atmosphere all in all. I took my camera there and you can look at some of the pictures I took during the night, in the seasonal section.

I also went to the Mayday last weekend - which was just as spectacular as the last one. I learned last year, that digital cameras were not welcome at all and brought a cheap recycable analogue camera. When I was controlled at the entrance I catched a glimpse into a huge cardboard-box on the floor containing over hundred digital cameras of all brands - all with a small numbered sticker. I asked the guy who checked my pockets about the cameras and whether he was sure he could return all of them properly to their owner. He smiled at me and said, this box was his ebay-backup =) Anyway I was glad I didn't bring my camera though I don't really get the point why not to take pictures inside - and by the way - some people managed to get a camera inside. However I was not successfull with my simple camera. The pictures turned out to be completely dark though I used a 800-Iso-film. I can see something on the negatives and I have two copies showing hands and lights, but I was more than disappointed about the result. A friend of mine took some pictures with her cell phone and is going to mail them over to me. So maybe I have one last chance to show you some impressions of what was going on there that night.

The four of us had a really great night. The sound was awesome and the DJ's were devoted to their turntables. This year had some more live-acts than the years before (e.g. The Prodigy or Westbam and Band). The evening was a lot more deversified, but to be honest - I was a lot more fond of the "classic" acts. Chris Liebing and Ferry Corsten were simply stunning! *sighs* Well, I think it is now time for me to return to some work on my new website and studies on programming techniques. Enjoy the fresh pictures. I hope you're doing fine and have the chance to enjoy a little of the nice weather outside. I love the slightly warmer nights these days. Good night and take care =)

"Drugs" for this update:
Infected Mushroom - Merlin; a glass of sherry

i jump


Over the past years this website has become very important to me. Sometimes I ask myself, why not go out there and get myself a simple blog, many things would be easier. When I worked on the inevitable old year/new year changes and reorganized and archived previous entries I occasionally cursed about the source code structure I invented for this place - there were obviously some slips in the code I had to correct.

But then I thought of all the time I invested in my site, all the design issues and all the hours of photoshopping. I really do like how it has developed and I still like the look a lot. I really don't want it to be just a diary, it is more. It is a place to share my thoughts and ideas, my dreams and wishes. And though I might not always actually speak out what I'd like to say and use symbols or figurative language, I think you really get my intention and understand, what's on my mind =) After all, it is also a place to store my memories of places I went to and find an audience for those little extras I'd like to give away whenever I have the time and mood.

Speaking of time ... time is changing for me these days and that's also a reason, why I'm a little behind with the work on knubbeldesign. I can't (yet) tell all details, but my joblife will head into new directions soon. The agency has decided to take on new ways which I will not follow anymore - so I'll be self-employed soon. I figured this out for a long time now, but I didn't expect the ideas running through my mind when I was in Münster and had some "studental deja-vus" would turn out that soon. However, the attic is turning very slowly into a graphic-design studio these days and I have spent endless hours and sheets of paper on a name - aczentum, logo and plenty other ideas to set up my own small business. You can already visit for a first impression!! However I am scared - I really am, but if I don't take this chance, I might never take it - ever.

Some time ago, I watched an episode on TV which had a dialogue, that really kicked me and fit into my mood. It is between a guy who owns a diner and a girl who wants to open her own inn:

Luke: You're just scared. Just like everybody else when they're taking on something big.
Lorelai: Well, then what does everybody else do to get through this feeling?
Luke: They run in the back, throw up, pass out and then smack their head on the floor.
Lorelai: What?
Luke: That's what I did on the first morning I opened the diner. Look, there is no button to push to get you through this. You just gotta jump in and be scared and stick with it until it gets fun.
Lorelai: How long 'til the diner got fun?
Luke: About a year
Lorelai: Wow. And there's no button?
Luke: Nope.
Lorelai: How about a lever, can I pull a lever?
Luke: Nope
Lorelai: Turn a knob?
Luke: Nope.
Lorelai: You just jump?
Luke: You just jump.
Lorelai: I wanna do it.

... so I jump ...

Good night for now and Happy Easter to you =)

"Drugs" for this update:
Members of Mayday - Worldclub Anthem, in anticipation of the Mayday in two weeks where I'll head to with three other girls this year =)

a scent of spring


Inevitably spring has come to my little corner of the world. Daylight time saving had screwed up my Mac this morning. After exchanging fresh data with the time server, it decided to change the intern language and keyboard settings from German to US-English. I've experienced that a couple of times before - after a system update - but today it took me a while to figure out that the reason for the cofused typing was the new time. Macs can be weird some time, however plans for a new one are developing. Two weeks ago I went to a Mac-User meeting which took place in a bar at the local cinema. A computer store presented the new Intel Macs along with some additional HiFi equipment for the iPod. I got the chance for a very enlightening talk with an employee from Apple Düsseldorf who's information helped a lot in making my mind up on what machine I need.

Another "thing" I attended (and added with pictures to the seasonal section) was a cooking-event during a luchbreak last week. You probably know these shows on TV dealing with cooking, and this guy - visiting a big household store just across the street of the agency - is an especially entertaining person - also the food he prepared was exceptionally good. Look at the pictures and join me for cold marinated tuna and couscous salad with vegetables. I can tell you - it tasted delicious!

Besides these "events" I was paying some attention to the way nature develops these days. We didn't have a lot of snow this winter apart from the mass of snow end November last year. It snowed a lot from time to time but the snow never stayed longer than a day or two. Contrary to this the cold stayed a lot longer than I remember from other years. But now there is a change. Today I could really smell it - the scent of dark and moist soil was in the air and some sunbeams were tickling my skin. You might want to look at several pictures I took, documenting the awakening of nature here.

On a final note I'd like to write a very short comment on a possible change in my joblife that is currently busying my mind and forces me leaving you now to concentrate on other things. Keep your fingers cross for me and there might be some interesting news soon. *sighs* Right now I wish my days had 48 hours, but today the time saving system stole me one hour of the few I have. Have a good time until my next update =) and let some sun shine into your face - it feels good!

"Drugs" for this update:
green tea, red candles with strawberry-shake scent, the sound of some guys playing soccer outside

words and sounds


I have taken several pictures in the past that are saved to my HD and wait for the right moment to be presented. Tonight I'm in the silent mood of sharing something more artistic and also a bit deeper with you and for that I used some pictures I took earlier in February.

Some time ago I bought a magazine and along with that came a CD glued to the magazine's cover. The CD found a rather ungrateful place in some corner of my desk where it rested quite a while until one day, when it met my eyes again. I listened to it and to my surprise it charmed me somehow. The CD ist filled with poems read by german actresses and many of the words found their way directly into my soul.

I thought long about sharing an audiofile with you that wasn't created by myself but I also thought that if I'd give all the proper credits and whatever rights belonging to that poem I would violate no personal claims. With this I can share german culture - and what can be wrong about that?

Though this small update is about words I will say no more now. Visit the seasonal section and enjoy what you'll find there. Please make sure there is some silence around you when you listen to the poem. It makes its way into your soul by using all senses. Allthough it is a very short text, your heart will beat to the rhyme of the verse and every word will fall into a place that was long ago predetermined.

Seize the night =) and have an awesome weekend!

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words and sounds ...

past, present ... future


As promised in my last entry I take you back tonight into the town where I lived and studied for several years - Münster. I still go there occasionally, but when I was there the weekend before Valentine I realized, I hadn't been there for almost exactly two years. So much had changed and unfortunately I was very limited in time so I opted for checking out several new shops in the city center that got in my way. This sounds more dangerous than it actually is, or I should better say dangerous in a different way. It is not shoes or clothes but stationary and books I usually shop for =) With this new Thalia bookstore in Münster I expected a lot - but I was a little disappointed. After listening to some reports on TV it was supposed to be a giant store with an equally giant range of books, but it was not. It is a big store, but I have seen bigger ones; the assortment of books was (in my opinion) acceptable, but I had expected much more. In the end I was sad I had no time left to visit my favourite academic bookstore that offers books over plenty storeys, few space between the bookshelves and a really good selection of titles.

Anyway I ended up with two books on philosophy and a collection of very special - partly scented, partly pearlescent Indian inks ...

When I walked through the streets manifold memories came to my mind. While I studied here I moved three times from a basement flat, to student dorm and finally a small appartment. Most of the time I carried my big, black portfolio with sketches from my place to school and back again. I walked through these streets every day and was filled with dreams of what and whom I wanted to be one day - a designer, creating things, giving shape and color to the world around me. What have I become? I work as a graphic designer in an agency now and yet I was once again filled with dreams that Saturday when I walked the streets I know so well. My dreams have come true in one way or another and now I evolve once more and want many things to be different.

You study, you achieve goals and you move on to the next level. Some of your following steps may not be clearly be defined - yet, but they will be one day and I we all will proceed ... So I invite you tonight to take a walk with me through the center of Münster - a nice old town paired with studental spirit and modern economy. I hope I don't need another two years to return there and I'll have more time to explore all that is new.

... one last thing ... Do you remember the pheasant from an older entry? This afternoon, when I was preparing dough for semlor in the kitchen (enjoying some days off), I looked outside the window and saw him again - at least I assume it was the same pheasant as the one from a couple of weeks ago. He walked along the street turned around and walked back to my place again - heading directly for the front door, then changing his mind, walking across the garden to take off with a breakneck manouver across the garage. This time I ran upstairs to get my cam and thus can finally present him to you.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I prepared for this update =) Goodbye for now.

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Talamasca - Illusion World; Semlor



I've spent a really nice weekend in Hagen and Münster where I did a lot of shopping and even found a shop selling Crumpler bags, but unfortunately not the models that fit my camera. Right now I believe there is not enough time to share all my thoughts and the pictures I took during the weekend - I'll do that in my next update.

I planned something different for tonight. Do you think about Valentine these days? I am not the person to run into a store and buy something only to do what everyone around suggests. It is more the train of thought that comes along with this date and my wish to do something special for my friends who care, think of me and might even create a special atmosphere by lightening a candle =) Tonight's update is for you - some sweet pictures in the seasonal section, and a heart shaped "Pink Moon Icon" ... because love is all that counts.

Good night and may a smile curl your lips on Valentine.

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Nick Drake - Pink Moon; sparkling wine

with pen and paper


Actually not so much is happening in my corner of the world these days. In between cleaning out my room and (so far) mostly ineffective attempts to reorganize my Mac, I've ben spending quite a bunch of time on the attic, starting to draw a commissional work. When I was asked to draw this picture I was rather insecure if I could do it, but now I think I'll get it wangled. The topic I was given is Triathlon and Hawaii - thus Ironman. Now let that word slowly melt on your tongue ... what images does your mind come up with then? Well, I thought of a Hibiscus blossom.

Then I remembered a Triathlon I once visited when I was still living next to the lake of my hometown. They still hold that Triathlon every year and it starts from the surfer's beach that is just on the opposite lakeside of where I was living. It is always held on a sunday in summer and they really start early in the morning with loud music and the signals from the starting pistol. Believe me - that works fantastic as an alarm clock. But anyway, I agreed to do that picture and though I'm still not sure I'll succeed, I have put up a little drawing spot on the attic. There's plenty of room and I can just leave my stuff up there without juggling around crammed space.

Speaking of waking up ... there's one thing I want to share. Two weeks ago, early saturday morning, when I was still half asleep I heard a loud rustling sound outside the bedroom window in the front garden accompanied by a loud cackling cry. I thought my mind had fooled me and it was something I had dreamed, but then I heard that loud sound again and I thought "Oh my god, that's a pheasant!" I carefully pulled open the shutter and there it sat - a pheasant between the hydrangea and the elvenflower - giving me a very bewildered look as if to ask where he was and how he got there.

After a while he started to move and pecked the soil. When that seemed to be totally uninteresting due to the frozen ground he waddled down the street probably recalculating his landing approach =) Evaluating the look he gave me, I didn't take pictures of him because I had probably freaked him out completely so you just have to let your mind make up the images to this little event.

I also took some time and added pictures from a London trip to the photography section. I took them a little more than two years ago. It was that one weekend in November that had about 76 hours of constant rain for me; it was that weekend when I had to buy unusually expensive Merrell sneakers at Harrods because my other shoes were totally wet from my flarepants that had soaken up puddles from the street and given that moisture constantly to my shoes - well that's London. Anyway, I had a good time - enjoy the pictures, have a good week and enjoy the night.

"Drugs" for this update:
Blank & Jones - Ocean Tribe, Relax 2; red wine

just in time ...


This week provided me with two days filled with beautiful sunshine since ... I don't remember, but it's been a while. It feels good to take a short walk at lunchbreak even if just for a few minutes. There were times in december, when I had no chance for a little escape from work because the jobs kept me busy until late at night and unfortunately even during the weekends, but that seems to be over now and I'm slowly getting back to the swing of things.

Struggling with my VCR at home and lost channels on the sattelite receiver took me several hours to figure out - but I successfully handled that :) What's still keeping me utterly busy right now is my most recent problem with sending EMails with an attachment. Somehow my Mac started refusing sending those from one day to another without giving me a proper explanation *grrrrr* I spent hours trying to fix that problem but now I decided to postpone this quest until finishing my first entry for 2006.

I was lucky to have some days off over christmas and after a very quiet start into the new year with a bunch of sparklers and a bottle of champagne =) I started straightening what had long been neglected in my room, my computer and so on ...
Piles of CDs on my desk and the floor need labeling and I really have to reorganize my Mac. Along with that I have a mass of photos to work on. I also thought of uploading new pictures into the photography section, but first of all I wanted to complete the anual structures in the seasonal section (there may be "missing links" but I'll continue fixing those in the next days, be patient and have a look at the archived seasonal galleries =). Suddenly - when checking the sourcecode I saw mistakes and once I started fixing them new ones popped up and the time vanished in the blink of the eye. You look at the clock and realize, that you'd better go to bed ...

I hope I can come up with some nice ideas this year for you and that you abide by my site. I really want it to develop - like me, hoping to improve my skills in CSS and finally get into PHP. There are also plans for a new computer this year. My blue friend G3 is doing it's best, but I really want one of those shiny new G5. You should check out the G5 Quad at apple - great machines, but the price is beyond my budget, as usual. Perhaps I can make it to a Dual G5.

I'll continue adjusting the sourcecode and links during the next days and see what my photo-archive has in store for me. You'll probably find out soon. Tonight I upload some older pics I took in my favourite bar/cafe Mamba, where I like to curl up with a red wine in a big chair at the window and watch the people outside strolling by. Until then - enjoy the winter, take care =) and good night!

"Drugs" for this update:
Dopamin - Dirty Samba, black grapes

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