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The Christmas cards were mailed to friends and clients, the usual Christmas weather has arrived (+5 degrees and rain) - what's left to do? I'm writing the last knubbeldesign entry and upload some pictures I took during the last weeks. From snowfall to Christmas fair - you'll find a nice mixture in the seasonal section.

Will I see you again next year? I hope so =) Until then I wish you all a merry Christmas, hugs and kisses and take care.

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Winter had an early start this year. After a stormy Friday afternoon the snow came a week ago. It wasn't cold enough in the beginning but after a while the flakes stayed. While driving to a couple of appointments last week I enjoyed every moment of the white landscape but it only lasted for some days. Most of the snow in this region is already gone but occasionally it snows big, wet flakes and a white blanket covers everything again for some hours. At the weekend I put up some christmas decoration, assembled the Advent wreath and now my place smells a bit like pine. Tonight the Christmas market opens in my hometown, the old townhall turns into an Advent calender with the numbers of 1 to 24 in its windows and I plan to visit Münster next weekend if the weather allows it. I am working a lot now and try to plan first projects for the upcoming year. Some new jobs are rather complex, others are still in a very early stage of planning and I'm not able to see their full extend already. I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks when it becomes clearer how I'll start into the next year. After Christmas I'll take a break until New Year's Day on the island of Spiekeroog. Since I've gone into business for myself I've had only about ten days of vacation and I need the wind of the North Sea to blow through my brain. It'll be good to get away from my office for a while.

I am using a new software for this update by the way. My jobs are divided in about 50% print and 50% webdesign and programming. I've used PageSpinner for ages to do the programming but I've been looking for a more comfortable software for some time now. I don't want to pay over 500 Euro for Dreamweaver which is probably a good software but also full of features I won't use and therefore don't want to pay for. About a year ago I read about Coda from Panic. Somehow I totally forgot about it, but found it again a week ago. It has been updated several times since then and I am working with a tryout version now. It's easy to use and offers just the right things. You can easily edit CSS, switch between different modes, it validates your code and offers books to lookup elements for the sourcecode.

There haven't been many exciting private things going on recently. I've been to a couple of parties - one of them included listening to over an hour of Metallica - yay that was weird! I also took care of Jackie again (the Jack Russel Terrier) for a weekend. Her owners went hunting and couldn't take her there. It was great to have her around again. She's almost nine years old and the fur at her nose is turning a bit grey, but she's still good at turning my life upside down for the time being here. My friends couldn't find her toys before they brought her over so I made a big knot into an unused cleaning rag and started chasing her around trying to take the rag away from her. She's good at running ... I can tell you. But since she's able to take the shortcut under the table and chairs in the living room, it's not really a fair game.

This week I want to add a bit of Advent atmosphere to the attic. I've been to IKEA two weeks ago to buy candles, some decoration and Glögg. I also have to start working on the Christmas cards for clients and friends which I want to post mid December. Once a year in October a big printing company in the Netherlands has a sale for paper and envelopes. It's just around the corner of my home in Dinxperlo and I've been buying paper there for three years now. They have some office supplies but the fine paper they're selling is the thing that really attracts me. This year I bought golden envelopes and cards in a shimmering deep purple. I'll show you the result in my next update.

I guess that's it for today. The day is almost over and I think I'll chill a bit with a movie on TV and a book before bedtime. I hope there's some more snow around in the weeks to come for me and for you out there =)

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no.gif Halloween


For those of you, who are waiting for this year's pumpkin design - here it is =) Happy Halloween to you ... though it's been a while already. Making the decision about the design is a long process of accidentally found images during the year or extensive online search in the last days before Halloween. This year I stumbled across a lot of Barack o' Lanterns like on But making one myself was just a very temporary thought. Anyhow I spent most of last night in front of the TV and slept only for about three hours to follow the developments of the election in America - I went to bed around three last night and the radio on my bedside locker was still playing very soft in the background so I could follow the latest news. Tonight I need some more hours in my bed and say good night for now.

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On the 10th of September I was pretty excited about an experiment at CERN that you probably also heard of and followed in the news. At school physics wasn't my favourite subject. I took an advanced physics class for one year but that was more or less an accident. I had to choose a subject and my last alternative was physics. However I got into that class and - much to my astonishment - liked it a lot. But that was the result of the subject - astronomy. We talked about planets, orbits and calculated the size of planets and their distance to Earth. It was really interesting. I remembered those lessons when I followed the coverage of the LHC, the acceleration of proton streams and the partial commotion about possible black holes and their danger for mankind. The experiment has nothing to do with my physics class but I remembered that we also discussed black holes at that time. I am fascinated by the work that is done at CERN and on the day they started the first operation I checked my newsfeeds constantly until I read that the LHC had been started five minutes ago. Something tingled inside me. On that evening I saw pictures of it on TV and just a few days later they had to suspend the experiments. I'll keep on reading about this topic and next spring will show how the story continues. I don't exactly know why I write about this. I guess it's because I was always interested in scientific topics both reading about and discussing them.

Unlike many others I am not such a big fan of YouTube. Big fan in the meaning of: I'm not browsing there for hours to find something interesting. So far I've watched some videos there when I heard or read about them. I discovered a couple of really nice short movies, mostly animated ones. But I do browse several blogs regularly and a couple of weeks ago I discovered a link to a video in one of them. I don't like these YouTube video windows in a site layout so I'll just add the link to it. This video caught my eye. It's about a guy who literally dances around the world. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. But I really like it. I even bought the song in the video from iTunes. The word "Dancing" in the beginning rose high expectations. Then I saw the way this guy dances ... and I had to laugh. This video is pretty incredible. Just watch it and see if you like it =) Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) I simply love the idea behind this video and I can't help it - I'm addicted.

During the past weeks I've spent most of my time at my desk - what else. One afternoon I was in need of distraction and spent an hour in the local Mayersche bookstore, on another day when I went to Münster to visit a client, I spent an hour in the city and went to some shops and my favourite bakery and bought great lemon-pie. Those are very rare moments when I take some time off. I had thought I had more of them when I started working on my own, but there are fewer than I expected. Those are my small moments of freedom I take occansionally

When I work I usually listen to all kind of webradio stations. Sometimes I also have WebTV on in the background. Therefore I was pretty happy when I discovered a program that gives me access to several TV stations from around the world - Livestation. I always liked watching different news channels from around the world, but Livestation offers many streams combined in one interface. The most interesting one is probably Ministry of Sound TV. I didn't know it existed at all and occasionally it seems to be stuck on one report, but you can also watch it on the MoS website. Some reports are really interesting to watch for a while, but in general I'm more interested in watching BBC, CNN or N-TV. The program is available for Macintosh, Windows and Linux and there are many stations to choose from to load into your preferred channel list - and the number ist growing.

On Monday - believe it or not - my camera returned to me from a four week holiday to England. When I called Fuji last week to ask for the whereabouts of my camera they told me, they'd repair all cameras in England. But now it's back and it seems to be in fine condition and the repair cost nothing. I have to work over all settings which will take a while, but I don't mind. The trees outside are bursting out in bright yellow and orange these days and I look forward to take pictures again. I added some older pictures to the seasonal section I took earlier this year in Switzerland ... Switzerland? Kind of =) I hope you're enjoying these golden days. Goodbye for now.

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It's Sunday. Today could be the last day of summer and sunshine and I'm sitting outside in the yellow warmth trying to find a not so hot spot under the parasol to keep my MacBook from shutting down due to overheating. I'm suffering from a sore throat for a couple of days and hope the warmth is good for me. It's very quiet. No bird is singing, occasionally an airplane is in the sky above me and I hear a soft buzzing from the engines. Now and then a breeze stirrs through some trees in a nearby garden. It's really, really quiet. If you should wonder about the date of this entry, the mentioning of Sunday and the actual moment this entry is online ... the explanation is, that I hardly finish an entry the day I start it - hence the difference.

When I started thinking about this update I wasn't sure at all what to write about. Not that much exciting is happening these days. After I accepted some projects for this summer I've spent most of my time at my desk. Now I have the feeling I've completely missed this year's summer. I doubt I can catch up on that in one day. Some books are also resting on the table, waiting to be read, but then I thought about this and that, looked at some pictures I took recently and thought that the past weeks had some nice moments that are worth to remember.

I still haven't sent my camera back to Fuji (but I will do so next week). When it broke the anual neighbourhood party was approaching and I usualy take hundreds of pictures there and burn them on CD as a memory for all parties concerned. Most pictures turned out rather nice despite the broken switch of the camera. Did you see the partly eclipse of the moon two weeks ago? That was at the weekend when the party took place and I was outside of the house most of the time all night long. It gave me the chance to watch the eclipse and some pictures didn't turn out so bad at all. The images are in the seasonal section where you can download the original versions as well.

This beautiful summer weekend started Friday afternoon when I went to the Aasee to watch a sports event - employees of various local companies jogged around the lake. There were no big prices to win - instead the main focus was on the outfit of the joggers. Some of course had their ambition and focused on running. As a result one guy finished the two rounds around the lake while some hadn't even finished their first round. I was only watching and hadn't known that you could also take part as a nordic walker. Perhaps I should consider a participation next year. Anyhow I had a good time on Friday. The weather was awesome, a band played, beverages and grilled sausages were served and the lake and the evening were covered with a chillout cloud. I have never experienced the lake as relaxed as on that evening. The sun set slowly in deep orange, a bunch of balloons drifted across the sky, birds and boats drifted over the water ... it was so beautiful and relaxing.

Speaking of relaxation ... I've finished a big project three weeks ago - a brochure for my hometown. Now my workload is back to normal and that reminds me of my other website that is in need of an update. I didn't plan regular updates for that site but it makes sense to add examples of my latest work.

There is one rather amazing thing I want to mention here as this entry comes slowly to an end. It's kind of private, but why shouldn't I share this. A couple of weeks ago I was asked by friends to become the godmother of their newborn daughter. I was completely atstonished and had to digest it for a night before I said yes. A while ago I talked to a friend about that topic and had to say that I had no godchild. Well now I have and I look forward to being a part of this little girl's life =)
I hope you're doing fine these days and maybe have some time to enjoy the late summer days as well. Bye for now.

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This summer is filled once again with all the weather madness like in the years before. Last weekend I went to a birthday party that was taking place in a small house in the forest at the edge of the Sauerland. Thunderstorms were predicted for the weekend and before all guests had arrived an unbelievable amount of rain came down. The rain was worst in Dortmund, which is not too far away. Many streets were swamped and I was thinking about what had happened if this weather had hit the Loveparade one week before.

Maybe you were one of the millions who watched the Loveparade on TV. If you did so, you probably have a pretty good impression about how it was and I have nothing new to tell, but now you get my personal view on that event. Getting there was more difficult than last year. I was not so familiar with the area and the police barriers were extremely tricky. I had printed out various plans that showed those barriers, but actually there were many more and even the navigational system in the car couldn't guide us properly. We had to walk a while to get there, which wasn't too bad, but it started to rain and we were already wet, when we arrived. Just before two o'clock the sun came out and one giant cheer of happiness went through the crowd. A few minutes later Westbam entered the main stage together with 6 dancers dressed in gold and held up a golden record. Then this year's hymn Highway to Love started, but it took almost an hour before the floats moved. During the whole day the floats had a lot of trouble turning around at the reversal point because after a while the rain turned everything into mud and the floats bogged down.

All afternoon we kept on putting on and off our rain jackets. Sun, thunder, rain and rainbows were playing with us. The middle of the street became muddy and walking there was adventurous. During sunshine people started to dry their shirts on the hoardings at the barrier. Later that evening we saw some of them siting by a fountain in the city washing their feet, socks and shoes before going to the clubs. I believe I had more fun last year. The music was better imho and I wonder how they will continue dealing with the growing masses of people. There was too much shoving and several train stations were closed again due to overcrowding. If we had known the area better we had probably found easier ways of getting there, but in the end the good memories and the fun we had will prevail =) Anyhow there are lots of pictures for you in the seasonal section.

In my last entry I mentioned taking care of a friends' dog. I've had such a great time with her and I miss her a lot. I had never thought, that I could have so much fun with a dog. When I was working she was mostly sitting under my desk next to my feet or chair in a way that I couldn't move around anymore. Walking her was very different from what I've expected. In the beginning I was very sceptical about letting her off the leash but we got along rather well and she mostly listened to me except one time when she had found something under a bush and refused to get back to me. A lot of yelling from my side finally made her leave the bush and whatever was under it, but I was totally freaked out for a while. You'll find some pictures of her in the seasonal section as well.

Speaking of pictures ... in a couple of weeks I'm going to return my camera to Fuji. The small wheel to change between the programs broke off. There's no chance to glue it back to the cam again and when I called Fuji they said it was unfortunately a known problem with this special series and they'd repair it for free. But it means I have to send the camera back and it will be gone for three weeks. I won't be completely camera-less for that time, I'll use my old semi-working camera for the time.

Untill then I hope you enjoy the warm and sunny days. I hope it's not so humid at your place of the world as it is currently over here. Enjoy the new pictures and I'll see you back in a while - take care.

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Four weeks have passed since my last update. Summer has finally arrived and I celebrated midsummer last weekend - in a way you celebrate it in a country, where almost noone else cares about this day. You have to make an effort to find some of the typical foods you need for a proper dish, but I was satisfied with the result and had a relaxed weekend. The smultrons in my garden want to wish you a happy midsummer =)

Relaxation isn't on my daily schedule rigth now. I usually work until late in the evening (often while watching soccer, but that's almost over now) and throughout weekends. Though it's better than being bored, my batteries are low on energy and I look forward to some days that are filled with less work. Several new clients make me travel more than usual. Münster was one recent destination but I avoided to go into the city after the meeting. The most beautiful trip led me almost to the North Sea - to the city of Emden. I had been there before as a child, but I have hardly any memories of it. There was no time for sightseeing on that day either because getting there takes more than three hours. I just took a picture at the harbour after I had fueled up the car for my way home. Time will tell if these new contacts become steady clients. I think I know more in about three weeks. I'd love to get those jobs because the projects are very interesting and it would mean to be on the road moreoften.

I often think about how my life has changed in the past two years and in which way I am influenced by this new concept of living. Yes - my work life has definitely changed for the better now. I am more satisfied and chilled out though I have more responsibility than before. In my sight it's fascinating to see how clients respond to me, my ideas and my arguments. In my opinion the relationship to the clients is different when you work alone without a team in the background. In the beginning I wasn't so sure about handling the contact part of my job in an efficient way but I've habituated to that. On my way to clients I enjoy the landscape, the music from the radio in my car and think: ... life is good right now ...

I can live with the lack of holiday this summer and hope there'll be some sunny days or warm nights for me to spend outside. I really have to get a grip on myself and go out walking before work. Maybe I'll get the hang of it next week. Summer holidays start these week and early morning will be calm outside. I also have to take care of a dog for two weeks - a Jack Russell Terrier called Jackie. That's going to be an adventure, because I've had a cat for many years but never a dog. It'll be new for me to take care of her and walk her on a regular base. But I'm totally looking forward to this and I hope she'll make me notice that there's more to life than work =) I'll take pictures and hope she likes being an "agency dog".

Back on topic - the promised London pictures. I've had two and a half beautiful days in Lonon filled with sightseeing, shopping and two amazing concerts. Never before have I had such beautiful weather there. That was one reason why I made that expensive trip in "The Eye", but the concerts were truely the highlight. Until the final moment I wasn't sure whether to get into the Nottinghill Arts Club via guest list. The problem in the beginning was to find this club at all, because it has no sign. A guy in a record shop on the other side of the street was able to help and later that evening the club could not be missed due to the long queue on the street. This club can be described as a basement with bar and cosy corners for about 200 people. Acts on stage have to fear banging their heads against the ceiling because the room is extremely small and the ceiling low. I spent a lot of time in Notting Hill, on Portobello Road and the lovely shops around. If you know the movie "Notting Hill" you might know the Travel Bookshop that came to fame and fortune after the movie was in the cinemas. It's a romantic comedy and probably not to everyone's liking, but I liked watching it and I loved the small and colorfull streets of London where it's set. You can have a look at most things I visited in the seasonal section - enjoy the pictures.

Unfortunately I have no A380 to show though I've seen some really big planes at Heathrow's Terminal 5 but I still have to wait for my first personal eyecontact with the plane. Terminal 5 however is an extremely modern and interesting area to spend time while waiting for your plane. After the news about the luggage chaos earlier this year I was very sceptical whether my suitcase would make it or not, but all was fine. And with this I end today's entry. Enjoy the sun! I hope it brightens your days =) Good night for now.

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Duffy - Warwick Avenue, a hydrangea scented candle on my desk

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This is a short - a very short update. Life's been a bit crazy these days. I just don't know where to start with my work because it's such a heavy load. There couldn't be a worse time to take a break for three days but on the other hand I look forward to clear my brain for a while before I return to my jobs. I'll be in London until Sunday and don't know how much time I'll have to sort all the pictures I'm planning to take for the next update. I'll try to not let you wait too long ... promised. Maybe I'll even be lucky enough to see the new A380 in Heathrow - I've read it's flying from Singapore to London. I keep my eyes open for it on the airport.

But for tonight I want to tell you about a great night I've had on the eve of May 1st. Finally I can proove I was really there =) The pictures my mobile took are very poor in quality, but they are a great memento for me. I hope you can feel a bit of the atmosphere and feel a bit of the vibes that were in the air. Last year the organizers of the Mayday had started to make some changes to the structure of the event so there were a lot of new things for me to discover. There were now three additional stages to the mainfloor and one hall was completely filled with merchandizing like shirts, sunglasses, hats and similar stuff.

One of the new floors was dedicated to hard techno and it must have been similar to the music that's played at the Sensation Black. I stood there completely amazed and watched the crowd moving to the noise of a jackhammer combined with some sort of sound that could have been a melody. Do you get the impression? That was so weird ...

The other floors had music that was completely to my satisfaction. Nevertheless I was walking around a lot and also spent some time on the galleries around the main stage. You'll see in my pictures how crammed the place was. When I was down in the hall to dance I had about half a squaremeter to myself. Not much but sufficient. What was really bad this year was the stickyness of the ground. I was constantly kicking around flyers or broken plastic mugs that were stuck under my shoes. When I was taking pictures from the gallery I was even almost glued to the floor and looked unbelievingly at my feet that refused to move. The ground was sticky like never before, the booths that sold drinks were unorganized like never before and the music was never so loud in my ears as in this year. Just after 10 minutes I had the feeling I was close to being deaf, but after a couple of hours my ears were so numb that I didn't mind anymore.

This year's lightning system was brilliant and it's probably the only thing my pictures can convey. Huge white boxes with lights inside and lines of light around the corners hung under the ceiling and were constantly moved up and down until they almost touched the heads of the people. With this system they managed to convey the feeling of a smaller room with a low ceiling. It was an amazing night. When Paul van Dyk played his Time of our Lives, I was glowing from deep inside ...

I say goodbye to you for now, enjoy the pictures. Goodnight =)

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Melée - Built to Last, late night pasta and red wine

spacer all's well that ends well


... isn't it? I am not completely sure, but for those of you that have read about my computer problems, I can say that I am slowly regaining my confidence into my Mac. My G5 was sent back to me two weeks ago and is up and running wonderfully since then. That gives me the chance to enjoy my MacBook as a "private" computer for learning, surfing ... and of course I'll take it with me to a client if needed. This is it by the way =)

The guys at Cyberport who repaired my computer came up with the conclusion that a second broken RAM was causing all the trouble. And they came up with this conclusion so fast that after all I had tried to bring the Mac back to life, I was very suspicious and couldn't believe the solution was so simple. They asked if I really had used the correct DVD's with the system software and I answered that I of course had used the right ones. They were in their original wrapping because there was no need to reinstall the system before. I got even more suspicious and took a closer look at them. One sentence printed tinily on the DVD said to start with the pressed option key to use the Apple Hardware Test. Everybody else before had told me to start with the pressed D-key to start the "D"iagnose.

I googled for further startup shortcuts and found several entries saying that the D-shortcut forces the Mac to boot from the first system partition, which - in my case - contained a broken, half-installed system. I still have the words from the telephone support in my ears ... Why does the mac try to start from it's hard disk and not from the DVD? I had no idea, but now I may have. I decided to wait a while and see if the G5 was returning back to normal function on a daily base. Apparently everything is fine now and I called the Apple support again to see how they commented the possible shortcut mixup.

They weren't too chatty at the hotline but I felt the guy at the other side of the line was smirking when he read the entries in the database about hours of me talking to technicians. I simply wanted to share my new ideas with them in case another user would come up with a similar problem. But Apple took my phonecall rather like a complain and offered a voucher for the Apple store to make me forget the trouble. Soooo ... how about a Wacom Cintiq now? Just kidding ;)

Along with the MacBook I also bought new software. I've used an old english version of Photoshop for ages and changed it now with CS3. Apart from the new options this program brings one major change - the language. You are not going to believe how I am searching for program-options now they are in German. It's unbelievable! I wish I had it back in plain english, but that's not going to happen unless there's a built in English version.

It's a similar reluctance I have with synchronized movies as they are common in Germany. I love listening to the original voices of the actors and some phrases are really hard to translate and loose their originality. I don't go to the cinema as often as I would like to go. I'd rather watch a movie on DVD where I have the choice to see it in the native language. I desperately wanted to see Ratatouille after I've seen a lot of trailers on the internet. But once I saw dubbed trailers all my happiness was gone. Of course you'll never have that big screen effect at home no matter how big your TV is, but I believe that most movies should be experienced in their original language. Ratatouille (on DVD) by the way was amazing in my opinion.

Some movies don't even make it to the cinema of my town so I marvelled about many Oscar nominations and the movies I never heard of, that finally received the Oscars. I decided to at least watch some of the movies that obviously were worth to be watched - like the winner of best picture. But neither can I buy all movies nor do I think that the dialogues between the characters would be to my satisfaction in translation in the cinema. ABC for example offers their series LOST (which I really, really like) on their website the day after it aires first on TV - but only to american visitors. Since a few weeks the german iTunes store finally offers TV series for download, but they are all synchronized.

I searched the web for LOST to see if there was any chance to watch it online ... and I found many interesting sites that offer this. To my surprise some sites don't just provide a multitude of TV series but also movies. So now I found a comfortable way of watching new stuff - not in a perfect quality though, but when it comes to that I am not picky. And even the award winning movies are available =)

Watching movies at home is pretty handy, because my weeks will be packed with lots of work at least until mid August. On the one hand it's a bit sad, because I will have not much time to enjoy summer and the attic will be heating up again to unpleasant temperatures if the weather is fine. On the other hand I'm happy, because I will not fall into a summerhole of joblessness. However, Wednesday is going to be a day of partying and dancing at the Mayday again. Two friends of mine are coming with me and I hope it will be as great as it was in the past years. I'll have my mobile there and will finally be able to take some pictures to give you an impression of how it is there with all the masses of people and the massive sound. I am so much looking forward to it =) This site gives you a nice impression already! There are several videos loading after one another so don't leave when the first clip has ended. Until the next time - take care and have a look at some of the new pictures if you like.

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Moby - Disco Lies, watching a cute grey bunny on the neighbour's lawn from my desk

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This entry is different from everything I did before, I type these words on a computer with an intel processor - to be precise I write these lines on my new MacBook Pro. I look back on a week with partly chaotic days and nights. The process of decay began began with crashing programs and ended with my G5 completely refusing to start. Right now I still don't know, what is wrong with the G5 but I sent it back to the shop where I bought it and hope to get it back repaired and in one piece. I've spent hours on the phone with the Apple support and those people were really amazing. They tried everything to revive my Mac but without success. I think it's a major hardware problem with the mainboard, because even building in a brand new hard disc and exchanging the RAM didn't help.

Working with my old G3 wasn't an option so I decided to order a new Mac. Apple had updated their MacBook range just a couple of days ago and the old 17" MacBook was a bargain, but the store couldn't ship it within one day. I decided to buy a 15" version which is now even the newest MacBook with the Multi-Touch trackpad.

I can't tell you, how many years I've dreamed of having a MacBook. Those of you who know me, know how much I wanted one. Now it's here under my fingertips, but when it arrived I couldn't even enjoy it because I was so stressed to set it up and install the software to get back to work again. The process of enjoying this great piece of hardware starts slowly. It's unbelievably fast, it's silent and the keyboard has this brilliant backlight effect that makes it look like the runway of an airport at night.

It'll take a while for me to adjust to as well the new MacOs Leopard as the touch trackpad with its new functions. Once I'll have my G5 back I also want to install Windows on this MacBook to use the IE and other programs. This may sound self-assured but it took me a while to get my confidence back into computers. Nevertheless I went to the CeBIT on Saturday. It was Internatonal Women's Day and registered women had free admission that day. I was not surprised to see that climate and Green IT was a major aspect of the event. In addition to that I saw a lot of new web-architecture, colorful consumer electronis and expensive booths. I was looking forward to Adobe, Wacom and camera manufacturers, but there was not that much to see. You can take a tour to Hannover with me in the seasonal section.

The weather was nice on CeBIT-Saturday, however it's a bit strenuous to take a trip of 300 kilometers. I hardly ever travel east, the motorway A2 is filled with Polish cars and Berlin is not so far away once you're in Hannover. Around 18:30 on my way back home the sun gave the sky a perfect pinkish orange hue and spring was inevitebly in the air. I think that was the first moment in 10 days that I calmed down a bit.

I didn't mean to spend the complete entry on computers and my problems with them. I planned something totally different for this update and I hope you like what I prepared especially for today. Since January I've tried to take pictures for a new wallpaper design that's online now. I really, really do hope you like this experiment =)

After all you might ask yourself about the meaning of the headline of this entry ... organized chaos. These words are printed on a tag at my new Crumpler Boomer laptop bag that came along with my MacBook. Organized chaos - that's my life ... Have a wonderful day =) enjoy the updates.

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Jekyll and Hyde - Someone like you, Coffee

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This entry is mostly about how I spent my weekend in Hagen and Münster a fortnight ago and experimented with my camera. I was basically thinking about something nice for a Valentine entry last week but I was very busy lately with several jobs that had deadlines for the print shop. I also cought a cold - for the first time after two years. I don't feel too miserable, but I am a bit slower with everything than usual so I postponed that idea and think of something nice for the next entry instead =)

Anyhow I had a really good time in Münster - the weather was pretty amazing as you can see on the pictures I've added. I've re-read some chapters of the camera manual but mainly just walked through town and tried to take similar pictures with different settings to get a clue how the results were influenced. Some pictures turned out to be very nice while others were a desaster. Sometimes I have problems to force the camera to focus on the main motive in the foreground of the picture - instead I get a sharp shot of the wall in the background ... great.

I was very surprised to see the camera working brilliantly without the flash. I took some pictures in churches that were very dark but the result was impressive. Inside the St. Paul's Cathedral of Münster I captured the astronomical clock that was originally built in 1408. I also bought a pamphlet that tells details about its background and explains why the church allowed an object filled with astrological symbols. During the Renaissance Kings and Queens listened to astrologers and also the bible has passages including those elements like "Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeidance to me. " in the book of Genesis (I found that in the pamphlet). Standing in front of the clock, knowing about its history like resisting the destruction in WW II, I waited for Chronos - the god of time - to turn the hour glass. At the same time the Dead - a skeleton figure in the top right corner - rang a small bell. Impressive and scary at the same time.

But visiting churches wasn't my main goal for Münster. Since I spend a lot of time at home in my office, it's always a pleasure to leave town and see something different. The sun was warm and thousands of people were out in the street, sitting in cafes or bars having a drink and enjoying the sun. I ate my first ice cream this year - Mapo. I've never heard of that flavour before, but it was delicious: Mandarine and pink Grapefruit with a touch of Cointreau - Yum.

Unfortunately the weekend passed faster than I wanted. Now I'm back at my desk and work on new self promotional ideas. I have two basic ideas about either a paper or a CD version for a new portfolio. My other website is also in need of an update because I've finished several jobs that aren't mentioned there yet. So there's a lot of work and busy time ahead of me. So far I have no real vacation planned this year - except for one weekend in May when I'll be in London. I'm really, really looking forward to that. Once again I'll visit a concert from a-ha but with a different touch this time. They'll perform as solo artists in the Royal Albert Hall. I'm also on the guest list for a pre show at a club in Notting Hill the evening before, but since I've never done such a guest-list-thing, I'm a bit sceptical if it works. There'll definitely be time for my very first visit to an Apple store in London - that's for sure =)

I hope you have some time to enjoy the winter sun whether you're working or studying. Goodbye and good night for now.

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Though the new year is already almost a month old, I want to wish a happy new year to everybody I haven't talked to in person recently =) I hope you've had a good start!

I spent the last hours of 2007 at a party that was thrown by a couple in the neighbourhood. But that didn't mean I had to walk a few meters to get there. The party took place in the industrial area of my hometown in a hall where usually excavators and machines are parked. I believe we were the only group to celebrate in the industrial area, because at midnight there was almost nothing to see but our own fireworks. Around one or two in the morning an unbelievably thick fog started to spread and the way home with my friends in the car wasn't funny at all (I wasn't the designated driver for that night). You almost couldn't see the shoulder of the street and we put our heads out of the windows to the left and right to shout directions at each other. With an approximate speed of 10 km/h we arrived home savely about 45 minutes later - for a way you'd usually need ten minutes by car.

The still young year has already brough some amazing new perspectives by Apple. I had expected they'd update their range of notebooks, but I hadn't epected what I finally saw. Some years ago Apple used to stream Steve Jobs' keynote on their website. Nowadays the keynote is online after the main presentation, but there are other ways of taking part in the event. I followed the keynote via a newsticker from - a German Mac magazine. They had sent two guys to San Fransisco to manically type everything they saw and heard into a notebook and put it online. A few days before the MacWorld Apple changed their splashsite and announced that something was in the air. A few hours before the keynote the onlineshop is offline and sealed with a yellow Post-it. Shortly after the keynote, Apple's website is back to normal and fully updated with all the new information. This procedure is repeated everytime when they announce new products and they definitely know how to rise the tension. I must say, the ad of the MacBook air looks amazing. I hope to see it soon in a store, but I won't buy one because it's too small for me; I want a bigger display and more space on the HD. Now I hope that Apple is going to add the multi-touch trackpad and the smoother design to the MacBook pro and I'll be a happy customer =) Maybe summer will see me hovering around in the garden with a MacBook, trying to hide from the sun in the display.

Thinnest, smallest or fastest on the world are dangerous terms to use in the advertising world. You're most likely going to receive dissuasions and stop using the statements unless you can proove it. These days I think, that Apple is the only company able and allowed to use them due to their capacity of innovation. *silently* Smallest prices would be a great new campain claim ...

Speaking of innovation ... I bought a new camera *taddaa* =) I somehow got very used to the shape of my FinePix and I like the way I can hold it firmly in my hand even when I'm at a crowded concert. I really don't like those tiny, smooth thingies that resemble the shape of a cigarette packet. So I decided to buy the FinePix S8000fd. There's almost no difference in size, shape and weight compared to my old camera but there's a lot more power underneath the black cover. The description promised a lot and I think my decision wasn't wrong. Right now I haven't taken a lot of pictures yet because a. the weather is bad since I bought the camera b. I haven't finished reading the manual yet and c. I currently don't know what to take a picture of. I also still have to buy a new bigger XD-Picture Card to store a proper amount of pictures on. What I love about the camera is that I finally have full manual control over shutter, exposure and ISO if I want. Many automatic programs and the wonderful 18x optical zoom will provide my site with new pictures from now on. In two weeks frm now I'll spend the weekend in Hagen which is usually accompanied by a shopping trip to Münster or Köln. I'll have an larger XD-Card by then and hope to find nice motives.

There's something totally different I wanted to include in this entry. For some time past I'm making use of the newly installed "mediathek" of the ZDF - the 2nd German national public television. The mediathek provides the viewer with reports and pictures but also a lot of films from current news to historic documentations on Germany. If you're a bit interested in Germany and the language you might find interesting reports to watch.

I want to close the circle for tonight so I return to the beginning of this text. Every December 31st at midnight I go back in time with my thoughts and think about the year that has once again passed so fast. But time is an abstract term. Seconds, minutes, hours or days can't be memorized unless they're filled with something. Once you realize how time flies, special moments set marks that are worth to be remembered forever. Some memories may fade over the years but some become even deeper especially when you see how they influence your daily life. Time will continue like a neverending flow and I'll spread out my arms to catch and hold ... whatever will come. With these thoughts I'll leave you for now. Good night =)

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